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Author Topic: Caravan to Wilmington  (Read 240 times)

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Caravan to Wilmington
« on: October 20, 2018, 11:15:20 PM »
So we took our 2-hour trek to Wilmington to play an unnamed, unknown opponent.  We arrived at the field, gathered our troops and got ready for weigh-in.  While we were at weigh-in, I got to meet up with a fellow DumCoach member (vikingdw) and we chatted for a few minutes.  While we were talking, the teams went to weigh-in.  At that point (from what I was told), things got a little ugly.  Evidently, players on the opposing side had some things to say to our kids about what the likely result of today's game would be.  From there, we had comments about our size (since we have Jr. PeeWees on our PeeWee team), and other baiting.  When our header heard the remarks, he wasn't pleased (to put it mildly).  And when addressing our guys in pre-game, he played the "they disrespected us" card. 

We took the opening possession and drove the length of the field, going up 6-0.  From that point on in the 1st Half, both teams moved the ball but played to a stalemate.  On the final play of the 1st Half, one of their players broke his arm and he laid on the field until an ambulance arrived.  During halftime, a group of their fans (kids) came over and had words with some of our families and players.  Our commissioner had to tell them to leave our sideline.  It got worse...

Beginning the 2nd Half, we knew our opponent would be jacked up, and trying to win the game for their fallen teammate.  They went straight down the field and scored, taking the lead at 7-6.  Their lead was short-lived as we returned the favor, busting loose of a long run off of Power and scoring, going back ahead, 12-7.  On their next possession, two players (one from each team) got into a fight and both were ejected.  Our player happened to be our Quarterback who was playing Linebacker...

We played the remainder of our game alternating from Beast and to having a Wingback takes the snaps from under Center.  Up 12-7 and with the ball, our new QB told our header to "Feed me."  And on that play he did.  Our Quarterback ran 45 yards for a touchdown.  We kicked the XP and took a 20-7 lead.  We kicked off and as their returner ran with the ball, a trailing player came from behind and clubbed it out.  The ball bounced free and one of our players picked it up and returned it 40 yards for a scoop & score touchdown.  "Whose ball is it?"  With the score, 26-7 we kicked onside, gained possession and ran out the clock. 

All in all, an interesting game and I got to meet up with Bobby (vikingdw) so that was a treat!  Puts us at 5-0 on the season and we play in the conference championship game next week.

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