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Author Topic: Good Luck two everyone !  (Read 5478 times)

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Re: Good Luck two everyone !
« Reply #135 on: October 29, 2018, 04:13:02 PM »
Well, we squeaked out our 1st playoff game. 24-22. Iíve definitely learned my lesson about evaluating Mity Mite film. I was not worried about these guys at all (even tho they were 7-0-1). I just didnít see it. But iím starting to realize everyone kinda looks like crap at this age, & 1 or 2 star players can make anything a ball game.

We had major MPR issues. Turnovers, penalities. We lost the opening snap. The only 2 close games weíve had this season we lost the opening snap. I think w/ 28 players, any little thing that throws us off schedule vs a decent opponent can lead to some MPR issues.

Our Defense just could not stop off tackle. I tried everything, & their backs just kept getting 3-4Ė6... LOOOONG drives which lead to our D being on the field a ton, which contributed to MPR issues.

Offensively it was all about trap today. They really sold out to stop our outside stuff. Thank God we kept investing w/ trap this year despite the fact most of our opponents didnít play agressively enough for it to be a big play. Today it went for huge gains.

We were down 22-16 w/ 4 minutes left. I knew now that our MPR was done we could score at anytime. We ran a couple plays for decent plays. Then went to what could best described as a counter trap. It goes for like 55 all the way down to the 1. Wedge ties the game at 22.

I had been thinking about what Iíd do for a long time if we were tied. Our kicker is an absolute machine. Iíd bet heís made 12 in a row. So, I send him in there to kick the PAT. I wont go into all the details, but the ref tried to enforce HS PAT rules for a MM game. After about a 15 minute stoppage where commissioners were brought  out & I really had to fight for my guys, our kicker was finally allowed to kick. And this 9 year old kid, whoís has a terrible home life. Kid who everyone told me couldnít be counted on. Kid who iíve really invested in. Steps up & DRILLS it right thru. Really was a special moment.

Not gonna lie. At some point I thought to mysef ďdid I just send out a 9 year old kid to kick a game winning field goal? When we gave the best offense in the bay area?Ē lol. If he misses that & we lose in OT, iím probably kicking myslef for years.

After the PAT, our opponent had about 3 minutes left. Which just wasnít enough time for them. They needed a good 5-6 minutes to be able to score on us starting from the 35.

D1 title game next week.

Great game Jake! That might have been the best game of the day, by far.

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Re: Good Luck two everyone !
« Reply #136 on: October 29, 2018, 08:22:49 PM »
Great game Jake! That might have been the best game of the day, by far.

Really was a suprisingly great game. I thought we were gonna destroy em. But, we mangled a number of things & let them hang around long enough to be a game. I offered their coach a rematch just so they donít feel like they got robbed on the PAT.

Thanks for coming out to support! Next week weíre playing on Sunday in Andrew Hill. Not sure on the time yet. Iíll let you know when I know.
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Re: Good Luck two everyone !
« Reply #137 on: November 05, 2018, 10:04:53 AM »
Been a challenging year but we made regions again.  Thankfully took the next step with a 33-7 win to move on to round 2.  First time for this group of kids to move on, always been one and done before.  Proud of them and looking forward to a revenge match with an out of conference loss from earlier in the season.