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Author Topic: Not a game, Scrimmage results  (Read 241 times)

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Not a game, Scrimmage results
« on: August 27, 2018, 10:12:11 AM »
Okay, so last weeks practices were horrible..well maybe not horrible, but not up to my standards...and we were participating in a 3 team scrimmage...I figured we would get our teeth kicked in, and then I would have something to coach up this week...

Well, it didn't go how I expected...they were really very good...couple of mental mistakes, some physical mistakes, but over all very good.

One of the mental mistakes we had was on play side G forgot he was doubling with the C, the center is expecting the G's help, and it doesn't come, the NT slips the block and crushes our F in the backfield...I asked the bad guys to line up the way they were, and I saw that the tackler was line up as a NT...I asked the C/G what happened...the G said, I went and got the backer, the C said he was expecting the help from the G. So I stood there and said, C/G you are doubling the NT, T, your are BOB on the DE, H your are blocking that LB right there and pointed at him. I said, now run it, oh, and the defense knows what is coming, you better execute it...pretty darn close to perfection :) we ripped off 10 yards before a safety made the tackle :)

The oline was really very good in pass pro...saw some things we need to work on, at one point they walked two LB's up, they sent 7, we only had 5...have to give them pass pro under pressure so they can adjust and involve the backs in the protection, but if they sent 5 or less, our QB was clean.

Defense really surprised me...very good, especially considering first live action aside from some half line work in practice...I think we only had a couple of plays that went more than 5 yards. One was a really nice pass/catch, our coverage was there, the ball was thrown only where the receiver could catch it, and he made a pretty darn nice catch. Need to work MIKE some more on his reads, he was guessing sometimes...Dline was a little slow off the ball, and their alignments were kind of wonky at points...Outside backers and DBs were very good, played agressively in the run. had pretty good coverage against the of my safeties got hit in the helmet with the ball :) he was turned and running with the receiver.

Pic of the oline in protection, the QB could have made a sandwich and watched netflix back there...

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